grabado en barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona since 1986, the studio has an exceptional location to reach from any point of the city and surroundings.

The creation of the studio was due to the need for Ignacio Aguirre to grow as a master engraver and share his knowledge with artists.

During this time, many artists have passed through the studio to carry out their graphic works.

In addition to being an artists' residence, for more than 10 years, the studio has been a place of learning for anyone who wants to learn or improve in the different techniques and procedures of intaglio engraving.


The Engraving Studio consists of all the necessary equipment and the appropriate security measures to carry out any stamping work.

In addition, we have different departments for the different stages of the process.


Print Room

The studio has 3 etching press of different dimensions, as well as several spaces dedicated to printing.

  • Press Ribes - 160 x 80cm
  • Press Reig - 130 x 50cm
  • Desktop Press Reig 120 x 40cm
torculo grabado barcelona
torculo pequeño barcelona

Engraving Room

  • 135cm x 95cm plastic bucket for working with Edinburgh Mordant.
  • Buckets to work with different mordants and acids (Iron Perchloride, Dutch Mordant, Nitric Acid * ...)
  • Big sink for cleaning and rinsing plates
  • Protection and safety materials to work with the different types of acids and / or mordants.
  • Resin machine for Aquatint
mordientes grabado no toxico

Drying Room

Department to press and dry prints once stamped.

  • Drying for print to 120 x 80cm


Proporcionamos materiales básicos en cantidades razonables.
Los materiales incluidos con la tarifa del estudio son barnices, mordientes, material de limpieza, tintas, espátulas, y otros materiales comunes utilizados en los procesos de grabado.


  • Barniz a la cera
  • Barniz al alcohol
  • Barniz Charbonnel

Herramientas de grabado

  • Punta seca
  • Buriles
  • Bruñidores
  • Rascador
  • Ruletas
  • Gubias

Materiales para técnicas específicas

  • Carborundum
  • Arena de diferentes gramajes
  • Azufre
  • Aceite de linaza
  • Resina de poliéster.
  • Goma arábiga
  • Azúcar
  • ….


  • Mordiente de Edimburgo (para cobre y aluminio)
  • Percloruro de Hierro
  • Mordiente Salino para aluminio

Materiales para entintar

  • Rascleta
  • Rodillos
  • Tarlatana
  • Papel para limpiar
  • Trapos para limpiar


  • Tintas de grabado
  • Tintas de serigrafia en papel
  • Tintas de serigrafia en tela

Suministros generales

  • Alcohol
  • Aguarras
  • Cutter
  • Pinceles
  • Espátulas
  • Papel vegetal
  • Papel de calco
  • Papel de lija

Herramientas eléctricas

  • Sierra de calar
  • Taladro
  • Taladro de columna
  • Lijadora

Materiales de protección

  • Guantes
  • Máscaras
  • Gafas
  • Delantales

Materiales bajo demanda


  • Cobre
  • Aluminio
  • Hierro
  • Metacrilato
  • Polímero


  • Hahnemühle
  • Arches
  • Rives
  • Fabriano